Hari Raya Celebrations (12 Sep 2011)

The following students contributed significantly to the success of the Celebrations:
(a) Helene & Roy - for facilitating the whole lesson.
(b) Norul - for teaching the Malay culture
(c) Ilya, Fatin, Hakeem - for facilitating other classes and the school !

National Day - What is the Spirit of Singapore ?

The Spirit of Singapore is the the BELIEF in Singapore, the ACT of defending Singapore, and the GUTS to carry it out.

Tomorow's Schedule

Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating. Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

We will be celebrating this joyous occasion from 8 to 10.30 AM tomorrow. I'll be with you from 8-9 for a 'Lo Hei' session. The NE representatives will also be sharing on some of the traditions of the LNY as part of our cross-cultural understanding program. At 9am, the concert will begin.

Can hardly wait. See you tomorrow everybody!!!

Mrs Nair

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